Not much to say...so just a view from the shop

Rumor has it the candy you get with orders from the paperlili shop are so enjoyed...I thought I would share a view of some of the goodies that I toss in...AND...concider this a little hint of things soon to come. Paperlili.com exclusive things that is. Also I wanted to show you what $400 worth of rhinestuds(and about a weeks worth) look like. Nice huh. I love how I am surrounded by so much color. My work is like a rainbow everyday...an expensive rainbow that is.


Terry said...

Hello! Cute pictures! Would you ever give a small tutorial on how to apply rhinestuds?

Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

Pretty, pretty. And the candy you include is way better than mine! I just send out dum dums. I need to step up my game Paperlili-style!

Anonymous said...

wheeeeeeeeee! I can't wait for the exclusives..perhaps, you should just keep my debt card info on file?? Charge it then send the goods. ;)