Little Posh Princess

Little Posh Princess is owned by the sweetest chick. Leslie. Yes she sells Paperlili goods, but she also has a fabulous eye for other must haves (yah Paperlili is a must have!) She asked me to take a picture of this Fall Kids Ink dress and omg...it is the cutest dress ever. AND it has pockets. I love Kids Ink. I love all their stuff. I need more before we don't fit into it anymore.

So go here for the dress

Go here for the suitcase

Go here for the necklace

Go here for the hairband

Not being helpful is something I am never accused of being. If someone stops me in the street to ask me where I got something...I will tell them where, when...and sometimes how much...sometimes lol. Like when you see me walking in these...you will sooooo want to ask me where I got them...but now you won't need to because I got them here!

Oh...and if you love this Kids ink dress...then you also need THIS one because we have it too and boy do I love it as well...plus its on sale now.

p.s. please do not critique my photos...a professional photographer I am sooooo not...just a mom with a camera.


Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

Thanks so much for getting me in trouble with my husband when he gets home....I have to have that dress!

Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

Um, make that double trouble because now I have to have the other one too!

Anonymous said...

Enabler :)
xo Robin