Oh...Giggles Glitter Glam


Check out Aurora and Katherine. Both in one of my favorite shirts I have done yet. Hang in there...I will have many new designs soon.

I wonder who does Aurora's hair...how cute is her cut! If her mom says she cuts it then sign me up because that is adorable!

Katherine's mom is the owner designer behind Miss Sugar Pops. Check it out here.


Shelly Hanson said...

Thanks for putting Aurora's picture on your blog! I did forward the link to our family members so they can check it out.

Anonymous said...

ohhhh i really love the Oliva, rockin zebra and sassalicious posh tutu's. Nadia needs at least 2 of those, right?

Shelly, did you make that hat as well? I want one. lol


ps. those are great pic, btw.

Barbarann said...

I love your blog!!! and your creations!! I think this is the first time I posted a comment but have been following for a few months---well my comment does not pertain to this current post--but I just HAD to tell you--I'm not crazy for cooking and was having company so I tried your coleslaw and the berry pie recipes---FAB!!!!THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! LOVE them!!!!! Actually can not stop making and making of course eating the coleslaw--hopefully I will not gain 500 lbs this summer!!!!!

Thanks for sharing!!!!