bathing redneck style

I love summer. The water coming out of the hose here is like 90 degrees. Yes it is 115 degrees outside but honestly...I don't really care. Sure I get sick of sweating...but I think I deal with it about as well as you can. Clearly so do my children. It is also quite possible for my kids to not see the inside of a shower for 2 months. Gasp. Perhaps this is not something I should share outloud. It isn't that they don't shower...it is that we just keep it outside. Right after we step out of the pool.

I wanted to post this picture of my chicks because it just shows how much they adore each other. They really are good friends. They never fight. Sure they may bicker every once in awhile but generally...there are no fights...ever. Knock on wood. They can play for hours and hours and hours. I realize this will not last forever...or maybe it will...who says it can't...it has so far.

A mom can dream can't she?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Growing up here, I can appreciate the "outdoor" bathing while getting out of the pool. I remember going in in the morning, out for lunch and going back again after that. Hmmmm, wonder why that guy on the plane asked me if I was Parker's Grandmother????
xo Robin

Em Tanner said...

OK, youre girls sound like the easiest kids in the world! just pls tell me you realize how lucky you are!?haha