Back in Business...

Ok...well I am back. Bad blogger I know. Kinda had a rough trip though and if you saw what we have gone through over the past couple weeks you would understand. Lets just say that there was a HIGHLY contagious flu going around while we were in Calgary. We all got it. It was HORRIBLE. I have not seen anything like that in years. YEARS. (why do I keep shouting at you? don't know. sorry) Anyways. It was literally 24 hours worth of something meant for a horror movie...then the next day, we were fine. Kinda. No appetite for a couple days but nothing like the 24 hour period. Oh gawd. Nastiness. The only one that did not get it (other than my parents) is my husband. I don't think he spent enough time with us in our "state" to be the next victim.

Happily we hit the road to come home on sat. 2 day trip. First day, 13 hours drive...we stop in Idaho, my oldest daughter takes 2 steps out of the car and has the look, the same look she had 2 weeks before when I thought she was going to pass out in the mall...which then turned into our first event with the flu. Anyways...she had it again Sat. In a hotel. In Pocotello, Idaho. Wheeee. Fun to be us. I don't think it was the same flu, simply because I don't think you can get it twice. But it was something. And it was not good. I am leaning towards car sickness but at this point I don't care. I am just glad everyone is back to the land of the living.

THEN yesterday, I get a call about my poor father who got stung in the ear by a wasp...alot of times. It caused him to basically pass out...awful. The ambulance came...checked him out. They said he was fine but did I mention it was not good. Poor guy. Now, I just found out that my mom had to take dad to the hospital at 3 in the morning because his head swell up like a balloon. Good lord. My poor dad. Apparently he is back at home and recooperating. Stop the insanity. I can't take anymore right now! Sniff. Poor dad. I need him to not get the flu now. Yikes.

Ok...so only good stuff now. I am back. I came back to a wonderfully huge pile of orders. And I am digging in. Since a blog post is totally boring without a picture...I will attach a couple that I took while I was gone. I am ATTEMPTING (shouting again) to shoot in manual mode. Ya. I got a looong way to go. But it is making more sense to me. So here are a few of the millions I took. My girls, my neice, my nephew and some beautiful offspring of good friends.


Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry you guys had the flu - and your poor dad! : (

I hope you still had a good(ish?) trip anyways, and welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Your poor family! That is just awful.

The pics turned out great. Hope all is better by now. :)