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so tomorrow is my daughters 9th birthday...sniff sniff. We threw her a big party for her 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th birthdays...ever since, we have just done a family thing. Thats not to say that we don't make a big deal out of birthdays around here. Come on. This is ME. Do you really think I don't put alot of thought into birthdays? Unless you are referring to my own to which I am quite happy if we all would just forget it even exists. ANYWAYS. Because it is always just family...and will remain that way until she insists on slumber party madness or what have you...I can go all out on the goodie bags. Most years we are already in Calgary and I then have to use my brain and figure out what little dudes like to because we have 2 adorable little cousins in Calgary. This year, birthday is at home. Just the 4 of us.

My brain is not working on full throttle these days. I cannot concentrate. I was so afraid I was going to mess up an order and have the poor customer email me while I am driving through Montana to ask me why I sent their daughter a boys kapow shirt. So...I had to literally put all thought into my orders this week. I think I came out unscathed. Pat pat pat. Crossing fingers. But that left the birthday...which is tomorrow. Gah.

I literally ordered 90% off the birthday stuff from etsy...and the other 10% was a little Tokidoki purse I bought online and has not showed up yet. Great. Should be here about an hour after we pull out of the driveway. Not in my control..no need to get upset. Whatever. Its a purse.

So here are a few goodies from the "swag bags" as I like to call them. All Etsy...all beyond fabulous. Seriously, there is nothing you cannot buy on ETSY. I love it so.

So please take my word for it and check out sellers. We have Details Barrettes, Lilly Plum necklaces and rings (and omg there are cupcakes on the back!) by the way..stay tuned...Lilly Plum and I got a lil thing brewing...the BEST recycled baggies from ZJayne (man I like that chick...she and I have a very similar sense of humor:) those bags will be used for cameras and nintendos...perfect idea non? The most beautiful three charm bangles! Oh and I cannot forget the personalized card. I know my daughter and she will take this card with her everywhere she goes...she was that sweet at 1 and she is still that sweet at 9.

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Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

Wow, what great swag bags!! (and isn't etsy the best?!)