Helloooooo...no I did not forget you

So we are safely in Calgary. Long trip. Weather sucks. Whatever...it isn't 115 degrees so I don't care. Just a couple pics to post because I don't really have much exciting to say so here are some odds and ends that I just downloaded off my camera. Please keep in mind that I am on my mom's computer and I have NO editing programs to work with here. I miss my mac.

First picture is my nephew Bennett. Yes, you are correct...every child in our family is beautiful. Ha. No seriously they are...or at least we think so. There are not alot. Just my 2 chicks...and then 2 nephews and a niece...and all are perfect;)

Next is Fozzy Bear, my mom's 6 month old Puli puppy. We have always had puli's in our family. Mom is hungarian and so are the Puli's. If you are not familiar with them...google it...then go buy one because they are that cool. Fozzy literally came from Hungary because he is super rare color and man does he have amazing color. I took a pretty pathetic photo of him...I will try to get a better one to show you all of Foz-buster. I love him.

Next we have a plate of Crave cupcakes. Because a post from me without thinking, talking about or photographing cupcakes is apparently impossible. So here are THE cupcakes in Calgary. There are no Sprinkles shops here. Crave is the place...and they are pretty darn good. These are the minis which I think are perfect size...then you can eat like three...HA. Hello my name is Cristy and I am a cupcake addict. Hmmm...wonder why my sevens are feeling a tad tight these days.

Hmmm...what else do we have...oh yes...the reason why I did not accomplish filling any orders this evening. Paper bead crafts. Thanks mom! My mother is one to always buy the girls fun crafts...however only one of my children can actually sit, read the instructions and do the craft herself...the other needs moi. So I spent 2 hours rolling, glueing and beading a bracelet out of paper. I had no idea this was even possible. Leave it to Klutz to come up with this one. I will admit it is pretty darn cute and would make a good art project at school. You can do it with any paper. News paper...magazines...or the pre-cut strips included. I quickly reminded myself that this is one of the reasons why we are on vacation...and I said...ok...lets do it. Turned out pretty cute. I do enjoy a good Klutz craft.

Last we have a photo of my Lili because the chick just makes me literally stop and smell the roses. We spent 15 minutes today investigating a slug at the end of the driveway. Yup a slug. 2 days ago it was a caterpillar doing pushups I swear it was. I would have dumped a cup of salt on the slug to demonstrate how to "properly" appreciate a slug...but I thought that may have scarred my children so I opted to just sit and watch it goop its way along.

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Anonymous said...

1. That mutach is too cute!
2. Love the Seven jeans!