Angel Face Cupcake!

Since I am slightly ocd with certain things. Like a big pile of orders. Or a pile pile of mail...big pile of laundry...big pile of _____________ (insert anything really) I cannot deal with anything else until I have done away with the big pile. So when we got home Sunday night...my first stop was to unpack the 3 weeks worth of clothes and stuff we took. Done. Then it was onto the car and junk in the trunk. Finally it was the mail. Great. Nothing like bills to greet you at the door after 24 hours in the car. But since I cannot sleep if I know I have PILES awaiting me in the morning...I tackled it too...and much to my delight I had the best little cupcake necklace wrapped up all pretty in between my t-mobile bill and my $395 electric bill. Heather is a twitter buddy, an etsy buddy and a blog reader. She knows of my cupcake love and she sent me one of her darling designs. How sweet is she!

THANK YOU HEATHER (yes I am shouting this time:)

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Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

You are so welcome!! Glad you like it!