Details Hair Barretts

I love these barretts. We have a handful of them...although I don't have the xmas ones yet. I need them. I mean...WE...need them...I mean...my KIDS need them. Ya...thats it. I do think I need to place an order today for them though. I just can't make up my mind about which ones are the cutest because I think they all are. Oh...and I also NEED the bow holder...that thing is super cute. But what name do I put on it??? Maybe mine. HA.

How cute are these shirts???

So if you have a big cute pregnant belly (which I NEVER did...cute was not a word I would have used to describe it)...here is the perfect festive shirt for you. I think these are adorable. Something tells me that my "weekend after Thanksgiving belly" would just not be as cute in them though.


My niece in Canada

Just had to share this picture of my little 6 month old niece. How cute is she. I made a Toothless Fairy shirt for her...she makes it look so good maybe I need to carry them in the shop.


When your feeling festive...

How about a JOY scarf? Or Faith...Love...whatever you want...just say the word.

Thank you Betsy for the beautiful photo!


I realize this is so overpriced its stupid...but it is also pretty cute

Now see...this would be the kind of dumb thing I would buy...because I hate to admit it but I think it is super cute. AND...don't for a second think the novelty would be lost on my children. They know Juicy. I drag them into the candy colored store at the mall all the time. And they LOVE it as much as I do. So if it comes down to the wire and I can't find anything else for my little goofs as presents...I may have to order...but I won't promise that I will let them have a free for all coloring it. Don't get me wrong...they are quite good at coloring...BUT...come on...


did I mention Crew Cuts???

And I want my kids to own every single piece of the J Crew Crew cuts line. How great is this outfit???

darn...the Christmas party was cancelled

The party was cancelled and now I have no excuse to be forced to buy this jacket that I have been eyeing for the past 2 months. I do this. I cruise through my two favorite catalogs...Anthropologie and JCREW and I vow that I will change. I will put more effort into my "look" and that lasts for about as long as I am looking at the catalog and next thing you know it...I am picking up my kids in one of my 80 pairs of Juicy pants. So sad. Maybe one day I will grow up. I dunno though. The good intention is there however. Anyways. I want this jacket...and I want to look like this girl. Ha.


Since I have no intentions of sending Holiday cards this year...

Every year I do photo holiday cards. But not the regular ones...well thats not true. I think a few years ago I did the walmart cards...then target...then whatever..until one year someone sent me the exact same photo card (well with their own family in the photo of course) and I was like...nope...not again. I do not like to be like anyone else. That is one thing about me...you will not catch me copying others. So...I have always made it my mission to be different each year even with my xmas card. My sister gets mad at me because I don't usually share my ideas until after the fact. Tee hee. Anyways...this year...I am a sad sad person. I am totally out of creative ideas. I cannot envision anything right now. I am drained. Not "feelin" the card I guess. Plus everyone in our family gets regular photos of my kids...and who cares what my husband and I look like...so...I don't forsee me whipping out a card anytime soon since every year for the past oh...9 or so...I have sent my cards out the day after Thanksgiving. This year...ya...no. Sorry everyone. Chances are your greetings may come in the form of an email! GASP...the horror. The funniest part is that I don't even feel guilty or bad about this...ha. Ok well I kinda do...but I am so super busy and am even dreading putting up the tree this year. I am tired...ya...thats it...and I have a horrible head cold today so I am also totally grumpy! What has happened to me.

Ok...anyways...my POINT..was that if I did do a card...I would totally do them with Erin Condren. She did my cards last year and I have never ever loved my holiday cards as much as last year. So...if you need cards...or note pads...maybe the worlds cutest growth chart...look no further than Erin. I see other graphic designers popping up and they totally are copying Erin. But really...her colors...her designs. I love them. Plus...her website is my absolute all time favorite site on the internet. I want to be Erin! Lol.

ps...if you order cards from her...can you send me one just so I can look at them.


one present down...55 to go...bah humbug

So we ventured to the mall today. I found NOTHING...mainly because my creative juices are not flowing. I cannot seem to concentrate these days...AND...I have no xmas list plan. BUT. As I was walking through the mall I noticed my youngest childs jeans were "urkle" length now and well...voila. Problem solved. How could they not be??? The colors on the pockets are rainbow for goodness sake! We found our pair at Nordstrom but these are the same ones available online at Madison and Friends (which I love that store too.) So here are the new rainbow pocket Dojo Seven Jeans (for all mankind that is) that my kid will be fashioning in the new year.

Custest advent calendar ever...

How cute is this idea? You make your own advent calendar. I was halfway through the process of making one when I realized that the novelty may be worn off on my children after day one when they realized that old stale chocolates are not tucked behind each square. BUT...this it is still a super cute idea!
Memory Box Calendars...genius


And a little bling for your daughter...

Here is my friend Robin's etsy shop. She is the Tie Dye queen...and she is very good at it. Her shirts are adorable!

For all the sewing lovers...

I need this shirt...a pink sewing machine...hello????

How cute is this hat???

Betsy...I think Miles needs this one.

How I love Etsy...

If you have not discovered Etsy (you live under a rock) or you just have not been made aware of the fantabulous items right at your finger tips...literally...your keyboard. There are sooooo many great items on Etsy and I just love the entire idea of it...that I am going to share some of my favs as I find them.

Ok...always been a fan of the Wall art thang. Never actually bought any because my kids rooms drive me crazy and they are not how I want them...so until I figure out which direction I want to go with them...I will not pull the plug and buy anything yet. BUT...these...as soon as I nail down the one design I love...and color...I could quite possibly build the entire room around it. I also love how this etsy seller has placed little birds on walls. Even the mushrooms are adorable. I truly love the chandelier...but as I look further I see tree branches that I also love. So I may just have to start with the xmas ornaments and go from there.

Tooooo many choices.


Scottsdale Fashion Week part 2

Ok...so I found one picture of my cutie on the runway. As I may have mentioned before...my camera died right RIGHT after the first girlie walked the runway. Anyways...here is my little lili lou walking the runway for the first (and probably last) time. I cannot find a picture online of my other chick. But we do have video...and it is pretty darn funny...even she laughs at it.

Christmas Shopping...for me:)

So my widget dashboard on my mac has 3 xmas countdown clocks on it...and a panda cam from the San Diego zoo but the pandas don't panic me... the xmas countdown sure does. At first I thought it would be cute...watching Cindy Lou Who telling me each day how many days left until Christmas, and it was...until today when I am actually starting to panic a tad. As of right now...43 days 13 hours 24 minutes and 41 seconds until Christmas...and yet I don't have one gift yet. AHHHHG. I have no time. Gone are the days when I had all my gifts by Thanksgiving. Heck, I used to be really good and purchase throughout the entire year when I saw the perfect gift for whomever, I would get it then and then pat myself on the back come the time everyone else was running around like chickens without a head or a present. No more. Nope. Now the walls are starting to cave in on me and I am starting to perspire over it. Anyways...I thought I would spend a couple minutes online this morning and knock off at least one gift. All I managed to find was gifts for me!...HA. So now what one do I want? Chan Luu makes the best bracelets. I have the pink wrap one already (naturally) and I love it...LOVE IT. It seems to go with everything in my closet...but it needs a friend. So what color do I need to hint to my husband or whomever wants to make me really happy? Most people would go with a safe color...like brown with turquoise. Not me. I am always drawn the the bright fun colors. Who wants to be safe? I really do love them all. Check out the Chan Luu site and see the rainbow of options. They are all good.

Ok...so much for shopping for others...I have used up my time and must get back to filling orders.


oops..forgot the bangs

This shirt is killing me...I have had professional photos taken of it...and today I tried myself...it seems it is IMPOSSIBLE to show the details of the cross, which actually do stand out in person and it is a very beautiful sparkly shirt. This is driving me NUTS. Anyways...you may have to take my word for it. Ha.

Matilda Jane

Oh did we get a good ol box yesterday. My love for Matilda Jane grows more by the day. So many fun pieces to pick from...the great thing about Matilda Jane is that your kids can dress themselves...mix and match however they want and the outfit just looks perfect. Needless to say I was not really prepared for photos today...but I snapped a few anyways because it was nice out. I ALWAYS take pictures at the wrong time of day however I have never in my life claimed to have any clue what I am doing when it comes to photography. Oh...and on a different note...I took the scissors to my daughters hair today...yikes. Poor girl now has bangs we need to spend the next 6 months growing out. Ha


Heather does it again!

src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_A_a_pAVawuM/SRiHZjUDQPI/AAAAAAAAAew/wgCqbJe6VpI/s400/Chandelieer_14.jpg" border="0" alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5267108637255614706" />

Heather Armstrong is such a fabulous photographer! And her little chickadee is such a pretty little girl. I love her pictures. Thank you Heather and Kira!

For the Chandelier thermal click here!

For the Name and Number thermal click !

For the Cross thermal click here!


Got Bubble???

New store...soooo funky and fun! I love that they found me and I am honored to be part of such a cool place. Bubble in San Francisco looks like the type of store that I would yell for my husband to stop suddenly as we drove past. I LOVE funky kids stores. The funkier the better. Now I have a good excuse to go to San Fran! They have a fabulous selection of clothes and they do birthday parties and craft parties at the store! How great is that. So cute.

Peek...aren't you curious?

Just got back from Scottsdale...Kierland commons to be exact. Did a little Sunday browsing...and had to get these for my chicks...that is a great store. Their denim is like no other...I love it. The denim skirts...jeans...all of it. Then after paying the sales lady notified me that their "holiday" stuff was coming out next week and she showed me one of the Surf Hoodies...it is melt in your hands soft. So now I have to go back...great!

Also got these boots for my youngest. She has the moccasins and they are so cute with jeans...but the boots...hello fringe. And less than $30. That is the cutest store. I love Peek...aren't you curious.

If you have a boy...their stuff is ADORABLE for boys...that is if you like the cool fun surfer boy look...lol...sooo cute.

Scottsdale Fashion Week

Busy time in Scottsdale...lots of hoopla. A couple of my things were in the fashion show for The Garage which is the SUPER upscale kids store in Scottsdale. If you added it all up...your kid could dress just like some of the kids in the show for a mere $1500. Craziness. But totally cute. My two chicks were in the show as well. Neither was feeling particularly well come "show time" and the older one decided the kids walking in front of her were walking to slowly so she passed them...right there on the catwalk...lol. Never the less they looked the part at least.


How can you not be happy looking at these?

Can I just say right now that I love Betsy. Seriously. Is she not just the cutest mom ever? I tell ya. And then the woman smiles and her teeth are freakin perfect too! Hellooooo. Thats ok. She deserves all the happiness in the world. Oh ya...and not only does she take fabulous pictures herself...but so does her husband John...not that you could take a bad picture of Betsy. Anyways...she is officially my "Mom" model. Ha. I made her that. She doesn't know it yet though..hee hee. So she sent me these today...and it was so exciting when whammo I got like 10 emails from her of fabuloso photos. I will get these on the site tomorrow or this weekend...I am working like a fool getting a few things ready for a Fashion show tomorrow that has some of my stuff in it and both my kids...yikes...not sure which one I am more worried about. We will see. If I can snap some pictures you know I will. Wonder if Betsy has time to fly over here tomorrow and take the pics for me.