How I love Etsy...

If you have not discovered Etsy (you live under a rock) or you just have not been made aware of the fantabulous items right at your finger tips...literally...your keyboard. There are sooooo many great items on Etsy and I just love the entire idea of it...that I am going to share some of my favs as I find them.

Ok...always been a fan of the Wall art thang. Never actually bought any because my kids rooms drive me crazy and they are not how I want them...so until I figure out which direction I want to go with them...I will not pull the plug and buy anything yet. BUT...these...as soon as I nail down the one design I love...and color...I could quite possibly build the entire room around it. I also love how this etsy seller has placed little birds on walls. Even the mushrooms are adorable. I truly love the chandelier...but as I look further I see tree branches that I also love. So I may just have to start with the xmas ornaments and go from there.

Tooooo many choices.

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