Matilda Jane

Oh did we get a good ol box yesterday. My love for Matilda Jane grows more by the day. So many fun pieces to pick from...the great thing about Matilda Jane is that your kids can dress themselves...mix and match however they want and the outfit just looks perfect. Needless to say I was not really prepared for photos today...but I snapped a few anyways because it was nice out. I ALWAYS take pictures at the wrong time of day however I have never in my life claimed to have any clue what I am doing when it comes to photography. Oh...and on a different note...I took the scissors to my daughters hair today...yikes. Poor girl now has bangs we need to spend the next 6 months growing out. Ha

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Loraine said...

Peyton is a very lucky ~ lucky girl!!!

She looks darling.

(i did the same thing to Gracie's bangs a few months ago... they'll grow back fast ~ I promise)