Christmas Shopping...for me:)

So my widget dashboard on my mac has 3 xmas countdown clocks on it...and a panda cam from the San Diego zoo but the pandas don't panic me... the xmas countdown sure does. At first I thought it would be cute...watching Cindy Lou Who telling me each day how many days left until Christmas, and it was...until today when I am actually starting to panic a tad. As of right now...43 days 13 hours 24 minutes and 41 seconds until Christmas...and yet I don't have one gift yet. AHHHHG. I have no time. Gone are the days when I had all my gifts by Thanksgiving. Heck, I used to be really good and purchase throughout the entire year when I saw the perfect gift for whomever, I would get it then and then pat myself on the back come the time everyone else was running around like chickens without a head or a present. No more. Nope. Now the walls are starting to cave in on me and I am starting to perspire over it. Anyways...I thought I would spend a couple minutes online this morning and knock off at least one gift. All I managed to find was gifts for me!...HA. So now what one do I want? Chan Luu makes the best bracelets. I have the pink wrap one already (naturally) and I love it...LOVE IT. It seems to go with everything in my closet...but it needs a friend. So what color do I need to hint to my husband or whomever wants to make me really happy? Most people would go with a safe color...like brown with turquoise. Not me. I am always drawn the the bright fun colors. Who wants to be safe? I really do love them all. Check out the Chan Luu site and see the rainbow of options. They are all good.

Ok...so much for shopping for others...I have used up my time and must get back to filling orders.


Betsy King said...

I have purchased nothing either! Thank god I'm not alone!


Loraine said...

i think you need the green one!

I haven't started Christmas shopping yet either... ugh.

Anonymous said...

Are they having Christmas this year???