one present down...55 to go...bah humbug

So we ventured to the mall today. I found NOTHING...mainly because my creative juices are not flowing. I cannot seem to concentrate these days...AND...I have no xmas list plan. BUT. As I was walking through the mall I noticed my youngest childs jeans were "urkle" length now and well...voila. Problem solved. How could they not be??? The colors on the pockets are rainbow for goodness sake! We found our pair at Nordstrom but these are the same ones available online at Madison and Friends (which I love that store too.) So here are the new rainbow pocket Dojo Seven Jeans (for all mankind that is) that my kid will be fashioning in the new year.

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ROBYN said...

ummm....excuse me - did i not just buy your daughter a pair of dojo's in the summer??? don't tell me they are too small for her now.