Since I have no intentions of sending Holiday cards this year...

Every year I do photo holiday cards. But not the regular ones...well thats not true. I think a few years ago I did the walmart cards...then target...then whatever..until one year someone sent me the exact same photo card (well with their own family in the photo of course) and I was like...nope...not again. I do not like to be like anyone else. That is one thing about me...you will not catch me copying others. So...I have always made it my mission to be different each year even with my xmas card. My sister gets mad at me because I don't usually share my ideas until after the fact. Tee hee. Anyways...this year...I am a sad sad person. I am totally out of creative ideas. I cannot envision anything right now. I am drained. Not "feelin" the card I guess. Plus everyone in our family gets regular photos of my kids...and who cares what my husband and I look like...so...I don't forsee me whipping out a card anytime soon since every year for the past oh...9 or so...I have sent my cards out the day after Thanksgiving. This year...ya...no. Sorry everyone. Chances are your greetings may come in the form of an email! GASP...the horror. The funniest part is that I don't even feel guilty or bad about this...ha. Ok well I kinda do...but I am so super busy and am even dreading putting up the tree this year. I am tired...ya...thats it...and I have a horrible head cold today so I am also totally grumpy! What has happened to me.

Ok...anyways...my POINT..was that if I did do a card...I would totally do them with Erin Condren. She did my cards last year and I have never ever loved my holiday cards as much as last year. So...if you need cards...or note pads...maybe the worlds cutest growth chart...look no further than Erin. I see other graphic designers popping up and they totally are copying Erin. But really...her colors...her designs. I love them. Plus...her website is my absolute all time favorite site on the internet. I want to be Erin! Lol.

ps...if you order cards from her...can you send me one just so I can look at them.

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Loraine said...

i wouldn't expect anything but the best from you! You are definitely an original.

Thank's for the tips. IF I get ours done they'll probably be Costco... :-)