Shannon Stewart Rules the World!

I awoke this morning at 6 to find these little beauties in my in box. I wonder if Shannon ever takes a bad picture. The beauty is she lives only in Los Angeles...so if I can put together a few families for some shoots...she would make the 5 hour trek over here and make me and mine look glamorous as well...or at least she would attempt to...I guess that would be the test. If she could make me look cute...then the woman is a saint!


Anonymous said...

Uh, you had me at "party girl" leggings, Cristy! They are beyond cute! I think I need a tee that says "Cristy Rocks" I don't think that AGD is doing that one yet!!! (snicker, chortle) :) Robin

Loraine said...

ok... so are you hookin us up for photos with Shannon next year???

I'm ready to put her to the test too!!!

love love love your new stuff!!!

Anonymous said...

Come on now... You're cute as a button! :)

ingamae said...

This SHIRT is AMAZING!!! I so hope you start doing womens t-shirts and leggings--i'd buy this for shizzle!
As far as photographers making you look great and then becoming a SAINT! LOL that makes me think of Heather Armstrong Photography. She did the same for me--SAINT for sure!