How can you not be happy looking at these?

Can I just say right now that I love Betsy. Seriously. Is she not just the cutest mom ever? I tell ya. And then the woman smiles and her teeth are freakin perfect too! Hellooooo. Thats ok. She deserves all the happiness in the world. Oh ya...and not only does she take fabulous pictures herself...but so does her husband John...not that you could take a bad picture of Betsy. Anyways...she is officially my "Mom" model. Ha. I made her that. She doesn't know it yet though..hee hee. So she sent me these today...and it was so exciting when whammo I got like 10 emails from her of fabuloso photos. I will get these on the site tomorrow or this weekend...I am working like a fool getting a few things ready for a Fashion show tomorrow that has some of my stuff in it and both my kids...yikes...not sure which one I am more worried about. We will see. If I can snap some pictures you know I will. Wonder if Betsy has time to fly over here tomorrow and take the pics for me.

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Betsy King said...

you are TOOO kind. I'm still shaking my head that I got in front of the camera. YIKES!!!!

Your stuff is just too cute. It makes me do crazy stuff, like have my photo taken. ; )