Hello My Name is Cristy

Well hello there! 
You are probably wondering where I have been.
Um. I have no answer.  I have been right here.
So there you have it.
Truthfully I needed to make a new password months ago and I forgot it.
It was a PAIN to figure out what it was.
I did try.
Several times.
I figured it would eventually come to me.
Annnnd it finally did.
So now I am stuck trying to figure out where to pick up.
I could go backwards and update you on my life.
But you don't care what happened to me over the past 6 months.
Heck...I don't much care anymore.
So I have decided to just pick up like old friends and start from where I am today.
Sitting in my office waiting for the phone repair man 3-5 appointment that has now turned into 6:30.
Um.  Ya.  We have a birthday bbq we were supposed to be at 15 minutes ago.
OH...and I decided to bring back the blog because my hives have returned.
If you read my blog years ago (3 years) you may remember my lovely bout with chronic hives.
Idiopathic Chronic Hives which basically mean they don't have a clue what the $#^% started them.
They being the allergist.
Now please, don't feel you need to give me the old rundown of "did you's"...as in, did you change your perfume, your fabric softener, your body wash.  
Trust me. Yes I probably did.  Many times in the past 3 glorious years of being hive free.
That does not mean that I am now allergic to any of that.
What happens when you have idiopathic, it means that there is no known reason why something is occuring.  And because it is hives...which is not life threatening 
(unless you count my thoughts of jumping out of my skin and off the roof!) it is not an emergency.
Or if your tongue starts to swell.
That would suck.
My tongue has not done that.  But my lips sure have.
So basically all "they" (allergists) can do is give you a pharmacy full of 
meds to try to control the itching.
When than doesn't work...they give you prednisone.
It always works.
So...20 days and 9 lbs heavier I am hive free...oh joy.
The kicker comes in about 5 days when I am prednisone free and if my skin attacks again or if it goes back into hibernation.
Apparently this could be something that comes and goes for the rest of my life.  
Whoo hoo.
I am actually not whining about it.
So please don't think I am. I am just writing in case anyone is googling around 
looking for someone else with their issues.  And trust me...there are alot of us.

Ok.  Enough about my hives. I can handle it.
I lived through it before. I can do it again.
I am a little pissed that I have gained 9 lbs...and I have the prednisone moon face.
But I am working on it. So whatever.  Again.  I realize you don't much care about that...it just sucks that when you are "sick" or dealing with issues...you look like crap too! 
The fun never stops!

Now.  Let's turn this post around and make it fun!
How about some fun back to school items since everyone is heading there.
My kids started last week.  Sniff sniff.

First...they need a back pack.
Unless you are like me and insist that if the one from last year still looks like it could hold books...why not give it one more go! 
Seriously. Those suckers are expensive.
They SHOULD last a year or two.

Last year we bought Dakine backpacks.
Padded shoulders. And the zippers have held up tremendously.
I think I will always buy Dakine.

Would totally have bought this one this year...shhh...don't tell my kids.
Or this one for a dude.
Ok...next...new sneakers.
Everyone loves a new pair of sneakers.
I totally want these myself.
or these

 Hmmm...interesting. As I type this the area around my left eye is getting numb.
This usually means some sort of swelling is trying to break the antihistamine barrier.
Time to remedicate.

Hmmm...I kinda love these.
It's the studs.
Love me some studs.
 Now.  Clothes.
Big puffy heart this dress.
Especially with the studded sneakers above!
Yes, I know...I'm a little bit rock n roll a little bit hippie.
Whatever. I own my weirdness.

How cute is this!


he is sure to get on his science teachers good side from day one

I truly love Peek clothes.  Love them.
I know Amy who was one of the original owners/designs from Peek.
She's a genius with the best taste. I believe she worked at Lucky Brand and other fabulous places.
I am not sure who is in charge at Peek anymore but it is still awesome.
I just WISH they would make ladies clothes.
Honestly...they could literally make every one of their kids items in ladies sizes.
Same for the dudes.  There are lots of dads that would wear this Atom tee.
Their clothes are so kid appropriate but not "kiddie".  
Did that makes sense?
I know it did.  You totally get me;)

Next up.
First stop. The Pencil case.
Can you say...ohmagawd!
For these and other pencil cases you never knew you needed until right now...check them out here

Now time to stuff those cases.
If you are like me and a semi-germophobe
(I think I am personally creating a super bug with the amount of hand sanitizer I use)
you shudder at the thought of another kid touching your kids
pencils/pens/scissors/books/ clothesfaceipodphoneshoeshairewdon'ttouchmykidshair!/etc)
 then maybe just maybe
a case full of personalized pencils will stop little Hank from using Sophie's pencils!
Phew.  Need to go sanitize.

Oriental Trading Company to the rescue!

So.  This post has taken me forever.
It is now 2 hrs after I started.
Phone man is still not here.  He is over 2 hours late.
I have made and eaten dinner.
My benedryl has kicked in and my face is no longer numb (yay me)
and I will leave you with this...

If you don't have it...get it.
I compare it to facebook but without the status updates and junk:)
Just pretty pictures.
I am lenoaz if you want to follow me.

Here are a couple from this week I posted.

My beloved Erin Condren Life planner that is guaranteed to make my life sunshine and lollipops:)

and my sock bun
If you have never done a sock bun...you have missed out on a major hair evolution!
 I make mine with one of my husbands old socks.
I sometimes get two days wear out of one 5 minute hair do.
It usually looks better the second day on me.

Seriously...my bun is like a UFO landed on my head.
It was only a matter of time before someone actually started selling the sock for your bun.
I saw it the other day.  I can't remember where online.
If you google I am sure you can find it.
It is not necessary.
Instead, google sock bun...or youtube it and dive into your husband's sock drawer.

I kinda think a old baby legs legwarmer might work.
Someone try it and let me know.



Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

Glad you're back, but boo for the hives! I love Peek clothing - my girls have a bit of it, and it's the cutest!!

PS - the font/color on here is super hard to read. Or maybe it's just me?


Khris said...

We love Peek, too. :) Glad you are back and itch-free!

Speaking of unexplained conditions... Have you seen info about this woman??? So strange. Hope she gets some help. http://gawker.com/5933586/why-is-this-woman-growing-fingernails-out-of-every-hair-follicle-on-her-body

Khris said...

We love Peek, too. :) Glad you are back and itch-free! Speaking of unexplained conditions... Have you seen info about this woman??? So strange. Hope she gets some help. http://gawker.com/5933586/why-is-this-woman-growing-fingernails-out-of-every-hair-follicle-on-her-body

and yes - the font is hard to read

Happy Mami said...

Happy you are back and feeling better. Love your posts that share goodies! Our Dakine from last is still in great shape too, want one for me! Now I am off to shop for some new pencils...
Take good care!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my stars, my 8 year old has the same hive issue and has for over a year. It is horrible, so sorry you are suffering though this too!!

LOVE that pencil case, and glad you are back :)


Anonymous said...

Yay! You're back. I'm still trying to figure out the sock bun.