Hey! Guess who's back!

Well hello again.

It has been over a year since my last post.
It's been so long that I could not remember the web address of my page 
or my password.
Why am I back?  Not sure lol.
Do I have more time now to blog?  Not even close.
Do I have something new to say?  Nope.  (Did I ever??)
Am I back for good?  Your guess is as good as mine!

But for now...today. I'm back.
Since this was a spur of the moment thing I don't really have a plan for a post so...
I will post about last weeks Halloween Festivities!
Yes I am still addicted to Starbucks, so I did what any addict would do, 
I dressed my kid up as my favorite drink.
Vanilla Iced Chai!
Holy cute huh?
I got it on etsy from this seller.

Then her sister was a barista.
You may have seen other barista costumes out there but I must say...I think her's was pretty darn cute.
And holy cheap.
I bought the blank apron and hat off ebay for $2.50 each.
Then I put the glitter logo on the apron myself. 
I also found the patch for the hat on ebay and ironed it on.
Then just a pair of jeans and a black polo shirt and voila!
Her bucket is a paint bucket from the paint store.
I then wrapped craft paper around it and glued a logo printout.
The tray was my favorite part.
I asked our local starbucks for a couple sample cups.
Then I filled them with The Great Stuff foam sealer.
You need to only fill them half full as the foam expands...alot.
While still drying I put in the straws.
 Once fully dried,  I painted them white (as it dries yellow) 
and then used gold puffy paint for the "caramel". 

I am a firm believer in comfy Halloween costumes.
These were comfy.
The girls loved it.
The only problem was that people kept trying to grab a sample!
And there you have it.
Another Halloween success!

Ahhh...now see, that wasn't so hard! 
Hey...maybe just maybe I will post some Holiday gift ideas since 
I haven't forgotten how to shop either:)


Happy Mami said...

I love these so very much, hoping you can do another apron for us. Your ideas are always a big deal around here.

Glad you're back, we missed you!!


Anonymous said...

glad you are back....

ShellyHanson said...

Welcome back! I know the big trend it to use Facebook.... quite frankly, I get tired of Facebook and really enjoy reading through the individual blogs. Keep on posting!


Baby Sam said...

absolutely love these starbucks outfits!!!