I needed a little pick me up

I was needing some inspiration.
I have wanted to paint something in forever.
I am too lazy to move everything and paint the walls.
Not even kidding.
So instead, I painted the furniture!
Unfortunately I did not take before photos.
Sorry. Just take my word for it...my office was dreadful.

That desk was nice but it was not paperlili pink!
Annnd there was not a moose on the wall:)

 I simply painted the desk and added some Anthropologie draw pulls.
Now it makes me happy.
The pink is a great pink.
I think Betsy Johnson would approve.

Same with this desk.
It was a half day from me wheeling it to the sidewalk for some lucky DIY'er to have a field day.
I cannot remember the name of this paint.
It was also Benjamin Moore. I think it was something sunset. 
I have never been a yellow gal but it does make me smile.

Fully aware I am a crappy painter.
But...it works for me and this is where I ship my stuff from.
Then came the walls.
Since I already told you there was no way I was going to repaint the walls...
instead, I decorated them.
And in the process, I redesigned my logo.
It's amazing what one can do with some Martha Stewart Glitter.
Yes.  The paperlili cupcake is no more.
Well...it may pop up here and there however I never really knew why I picked a cupcake
for a logo.  I am not a baker.  I do love me some cupcakes but still.
I like my rainbow barcode much more.

Now the moose was not glittered when I got him.
I ordered him and some other fun items (purple bust of David...hello!)
from here.
I could be addicted to their stuff.

 Then the chalk board.
This giant piece of plywood has been leaning against the wall in my living room for a year.
I had used it for photos and I did not know what to do with it.
So glad I did not toss it as well.
I was going to wall paper the other side...then I decided that it may be cool just leaning 
against the wall in my office.
Again...the key to avoiding painting the walls is to cover up as much as you can!

And there you have it.
A simple redo.
OH...the fun garland is also an etsy find.
Everly Lane.  Beautiful garland.

Ever since I redid my office...everyone seems to like being in here more.
That's ok with me...I like visitors:)


Leigh said...

LOVE the new logo!!! Beautiful!! What great ideas...I'm going to put them down on my list of things to do...

Reannah @ {Shaped by Grace} said...

What fun colors!!! Great job! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I'm your newest follower! xo, Reannah