Fingers and toes...fingers & toes

It is no secret if you know or read my blog.
 I love nail polish.

 This is really only a smidgen of the goods.
And I just redid my office so the "salon" that is usually set up needs a new space.
As you can imagine...my girls are very happy with their mother's addiction.

Polish wise. I will try about anything.
I am not loving that new caviar nail thing Sephora is pushing.
Nah.  That one's not for me.
Neither is the "fuzzy" nail stuff I am starting to see.
BUT...the magnetic stuff is kinda cool.
This one works very well. 
The colors are rich and thick and awesome.
I have tried the green, purple and grey.
Love them all like my children...equally:)

Glitter...I still like.
Although it is a pain in the booty to get off 
(much like gel but I'll get to that in a moment).
Seriously though...glitter has so many possibilities.
I like to just pain my ring finger.
I also like to make crazy combos that you would not expect.
Gold over pink.
Grey over green.
It all just seems to work.

Now nail art.
I suck at it.
However we just got this set at Nordstrom for the girls and it is pretty darn cool.
 It can be both a brush and then a little tip like a pen.
Perfect for making flowers and swirls and whatever the heck kids like these days;)

Brand wise...I don't usually buy cheap polish.
And if you asked me I would say I am partial to OPI...however when I organized the drawers...apparently I am more partial to Essie colors.
Who knew??? Not me.
The purple, green and pink are my current favorites.
I just bought the orange for "fall" thinking it would be awesome.
It's gross.  Hate it.

 There is however a blue from Essie...called Bikini so Teeny.  
Get it.  If you like blue polish.
It. Is. Perfect.

I have a couple Butter London Polishes.
Meh.  They're ok.  
I like the colors in the bottle.
Not totally down with how they come out.
I want to like them more.
Kinda like I wanted to like Butter's lip glosses and I keep trying
the pink I got on and every time I almost hurl from the smell.
Don't love the texture either.  
I think they need to keep working on their lipglosses.
I will take credit for not "working" the polishes better.
Sorry Butter.

And now gel polish.
I have not tried any store bought gel.
I did get my nails done in a salon with gel.
Loved it at first. All glittery pink and purdy.
Then it came off and OMG. 
My nails are $&%^ now. Serious ^$%&.
It has been off for over 2 weeks and still my nails are horrid.
I have buffed and polished and taken vitamins!

They don't even look right covered in polish so I had to opt for my favorite nail decals.
The only ones that I can make work perfectly.
Good old Sally Hanson.

She never let's me down:)
Sorry. I know I have horrid fingers.
You should see my Barney Rubble toes.
Not pretty.  But...they are always polished!

Let me know in the comments if you have any favorite colors, brands etc...or what your experience with gel polish was.  I am so bummed about that.

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kimberly coseno said...

I also tried Gel nails and loved at first then had the same issue after they were off. I used a real fine 3 way buffer on them to shine and smooth them out. Worked beeeautifully. Kept polished at all times after buffing with Seche ridge filling base coat and wahla gorgeous nails. I have triplet 4 year old girls and I think we buy nail polish 5 days a week.:) My girly's LOVE LOVE LOVE your blingy sparkle style.