Rachel Zoe and Meli Meli...

Ok...so I have a new addiction. The Rachel Zoe Project. This woman is facinating to me. Just because I have never seen anyone so in total love with clothes. Don't get me wrong...I love clothes...but not like she does. It is her true love. And the woman has really good taste. Anyways. So I have tivoed the first few episodes and totally hooked. Rachel and I don't exactly have that much in common...like nothing. BUT...I can understand when her obsession with a particular dress or item can take over her. So materialistic I know...but we all do it at some point. Anyhoo...I don't really have a point here except that my fabulous friend Anat sent me over a photo of her 3 beautiful little chicks today. These Meli Meli dresses are so unbelievably beautiful. I would have bought one years ago if we ever had anywhere totally fancy to go to...whereas Anat IS fancy! Ha. Actually they are flower girl dresses for her little ones and they could not be any more perfect. Chasing-Fireflies rocks I say. Love them. I love the fact that the girls obviously put on the dresses and could not stop twirling...and that is really what it is all about...what makes you feel like ya gotta twirl.

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