more pics

Ok...I tried to take a couple pictures myself of the girls this morning in some new shirts. I need to take pics of my nephews in the same shirts to show they are unisex. So funny because the Disco shirt is a size 4 and she is a very tall 8 year old! Then the Santa shirt is a 2...on my big ol 5 year old. People do not believe me when I say they fit big. Anyways...this was my attempt. Not sure why I am posting these right above Shannon's pics because it REALLY makes my obvious lack of talent and the fact that I am sooo not a photographer just that much more apparent. But it is what it is.

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Robin said...

I can now be your blog stalker! Ok, Cristy...I have to have the "Ready set disco" because Parker's auntie M calls her "sister disco" Let me know when it available, because I am in!
Robin (billiebeans)