Fall is in the ayyyyy-er

September is here.
Labor day is done.
Oh darn...I can't wear my white jeans anymore that I 
never wore because my thighs looked horrid in them.
Oh well.

It's still 100+ degrees here.
BUT...we still get all giddy when Sept hits.
Here are a few things that give me the warm fall fuzzies.
  For the record. I have never had a pumpkin spice latte.
I either have a vanilla iced chai or a hibiscus refresher HOWEVER
just the sign they put up for the pumpkin spice puts me in a fancy mood.

Next...I like my house to be all smelly.
Good smelly.
I don't even care that I then have to crank the A/C because the candles 
are warming everything up again.

 Fall candles at Bath and Body Works.
In my opinion...these are the best candles around.
The Slatkin and Co. candles.
 NOTE: burning these candles may make you extremely hungry 
and you may find yourself snacking non stop.
Burn at your own discretion.
The sugared donut smells exactly like a sugared donut from the fair.

Hang on...I gotta go get a snack.

Ok.  I'm back.

Next...I dream of these:

Or actually I dream of rain.
We get 7"'s a year here.
That is not enough to warrant a rainboot purchase.
BUT...I still love looking at them.
The best selection...Zappos.

 Then...a good pair of jeans to tuck into those boots.
A good place to look...the gap.

I tell you, the gap has impressed me over the last couple years in the denim dept.
Most of my jeans are Joe's jeans or Sevens...but I keep trying the gap and I kinda love them as well.

Boots in jeans is not that tough.
You can roll them.

 Or. You can just follow anything Rachel Bilson does as she rarely does wrong.
See how simple.
Jeans check.
Jeans with holes...double check.
Cozy sweater. Check.
Organic bag. Check.
Shades. Check.


And there you have it. 
Warm fuzzies all over the place.

Now something else I wanted to share with you.
A customer of mine just stared a new venture.
They do custom charcoal art.
Amazing artists.
They also have started "after the party" where they collect left over party supplies donated to them and they send them to childrens homes and orphanages.
How sweet is that!
This is Kamilla...my fabulous customer.
Check out their facebook page and keep them in mind next time you 
have left over supplies. I know I always have them and I would totally rather donate them
then be using birthday napkins and plates 3 months after the party!

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The Amazing Flameless Candle said...

I would have loved to have gotten the cinnamon sugared donut candle. thanks for sharing.