And another one...Baby Couture Magazine!

Yay...so Whitney, owner of www.thesillywagon.com gave me a heads up that Baby Couture magazine was looking for back to school clothes. I sent them a couple pieces and they picked my Guitar Super Star shirt! This is such good news as I just tried these glitter shirts. You can get them on the silly wagon site...but I was not sure if boys would dig the glitter. My nephew looked ADORABLE in it the other day(I will post a copy of it in action)...but I am SO excited that they liked it enough to put it in the magazine. I love Baby Couture mag. It is hard to find though where I am. I have all the back copies saved...Barnes N Noble used to be the place to find it...but they don't even have it all the time. I solved this a couple months ago by signing up for a subscription...strange enough...my first issue I received from my new subscription is the one with MY SHIRT IT IN! Oh...too exciting for little old me. Love it.

Desert Living Magazine!

So here is a picture of the beautiful Katie,owner of the Garage in Scottsdale. The funkiest kids store. She sells everything from Dolce and Gabbana kids to retro lollipops and soft serve ice cream. It is just a fun place to shop and hang out...kids love it. Anyways...Desert Living magazine did a spread on her place and whos Candy Clothes Cupcakes shirt in hanging in the back???


My girl is so purdy...

Just some summer fun...

Punky Brewster and Sabrina the Teenaged Witch!

So the Silly Wagon was putting together a little basket for Soleil Moon Frye and Melissa Joan Hart. Both ladies just had new babies...and they needed some paperlili stuff! Anyways...since I feel like I grew up with Punky Brewster and have watched every episode of Sabrina about 3 times with my daughter...I put a couple packages together. Melissa has 2 boys and Soleil had 2 girls. I hope they like the stuff!