And another one...Baby Couture Magazine!

Yay...so Whitney, owner of www.thesillywagon.com gave me a heads up that Baby Couture magazine was looking for back to school clothes. I sent them a couple pieces and they picked my Guitar Super Star shirt! This is such good news as I just tried these glitter shirts. You can get them on the silly wagon site...but I was not sure if boys would dig the glitter. My nephew looked ADORABLE in it the other day(I will post a copy of it in action)...but I am SO excited that they liked it enough to put it in the magazine. I love Baby Couture mag. It is hard to find though where I am. I have all the back copies saved...Barnes N Noble used to be the place to find it...but they don't even have it all the time. I solved this a couple months ago by signing up for a subscription...strange enough...my first issue I received from my new subscription is the one with MY SHIRT IT IN! Oh...too exciting for little old me. Love it.

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