mmmmm...another order

Well this has been a good day...both my favorite kids store and my favorite cupcakes bakery both placed orders. FUN! So the girls in the shop at Cupcakes in Scottsdale, will be wearing my shirts as uniforms! How great is that...and since I go in there about once a week (I know not good) I can see my work! Hopefully people will like them and want them. Since the bakery has the cutest names for their cupcakes like Party Animal and Blondie...the shirts should be perfect little add on sale for that cupcake addict (like myself). Here is my favorite cupcake...the Party Animal on the cover of the Phoenix magazine...it really is the best in the valley!

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krissykandy said...

Please don't forget about your friends in Canada- we don't want to be the last ones to have a chance at your creations!