Francie Pants...how cute!

Alright...just came upon these as the owner started following me on twitter and so I had to check her out, (side note, if you are on twitter...look me up! I can't promise I am interesting...but if you follow me...I will try harder :) Anyways...FRANCIE-PANTS. Hello! Again...simple..yet genius. I know. I am familiar with monkey bar buddies or whatever those things are called, yet...they do the job but they aren't that cute to me. I need CUTE. If I am going to buy something...it needs to be cute and different. Voila...Francie Pants. Check them out. Of course the graphic does not show the cute options...I don't know how many there are but I am thinking about 20.

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Anonymous said...

I am supposed to be saving $$! I am eating potato chips and shopping online, silly girl! Ok, those are the cutest stinking little bum covers that I have seen. I ordered 3 for Parker for dance. I admit I had many more in my cart but begrudgingly removed them to be fiscally responsible :)
You should just be a full time baby stylist. You find all the good stuff! Now I am going to wipe the chip grease off my keyboard....
:) Robin