A couple new shirts

So I attempted to take some pictures of the girls in a new Thanks Giving shirt and a new Santa shirt...no go on the pics...they sucked...but here are a couple ok ones to share. There are a zillion and one good places to take pictures in our neighborhood...so it wasn't for a lack of cool surroundings...or cute kids...just a crummy photographer.

Is this not the most beautiful thing EVER???!!

Now if this doesn't inspire you to do more at your next party I don't know what does! Amy Atlas is a genius!


Helen Dardik...my new favorite

Ok...how great is this print I just bought for I don't know where...somewhere I can put it to make me smile. Love it. Actually I bought all three of them. Color color and more color. I try so hard...I say..."I have got to tone it down!" But I can't. I must face the music...color makes me happy...although I could totally have a Rachel Ashwell Shabby chic white sofa and white everything else...but these hanging on the walls and I would be perfectly happy.
Helen Dardik...love her.


Snowflake do Rock...even in Phoenix

Well the lovely Lark and Sophie did it again...how cute is she? So pretty. Anyways...this thermal is up for sale on my site and most of my stores...soon to be available in pink as well (due to everyone telling me we need PINK PINK PINK!)

Vote for Nie...vote for me

Ok...so I need you to click on this link and vote for the option #1! Anything we can do to help Stephanie and Christian is totally worth it! The blog-o-sphere is an amazing place isn't it? So small yet sooooo huge!


a new addiction...wordle

Fun...ya have to give it a try wordle.


Rachel Zoe and Meli Meli...

Ok...so I have a new addiction. The Rachel Zoe Project. This woman is facinating to me. Just because I have never seen anyone so in total love with clothes. Don't get me wrong...I love clothes...but not like she does. It is her true love. And the woman has really good taste. Anyways. So I have tivoed the first few episodes and totally hooked. Rachel and I don't exactly have that much in common...like nothing. BUT...I can understand when her obsession with a particular dress or item can take over her. So materialistic I know...but we all do it at some point. Anyhoo...I don't really have a point here except that my fabulous friend Anat sent me over a photo of her 3 beautiful little chicks today. These Meli Meli dresses are so unbelievably beautiful. I would have bought one years ago if we ever had anywhere totally fancy to go to...whereas Anat IS fancy! Ha. Actually they are flower girl dresses for her little ones and they could not be any more perfect. Chasing-Fireflies rocks I say. Love them. I love the fact that the girls obviously put on the dresses and could not stop twirling...and that is really what it is all about...what makes you feel like ya gotta twirl.


Just because it made me laugh...

Good lord my kid is cracking me up these days with some of the drawings she comes up with...case in point her rules for the pool...


more pics

Ok...I tried to take a couple pictures myself of the girls this morning in some new shirts. I need to take pics of my nephews in the same shirts to show they are unisex. So funny because the Disco shirt is a size 4 and she is a very tall 8 year old! Then the Santa shirt is a 2...on my big ol 5 year old. People do not believe me when I say they fit big. Anyways...this was my attempt. Not sure why I am posting these right above Shannon's pics because it REALLY makes my obvious lack of talent and the fact that I am sooo not a photographer just that much more apparent. But it is what it is.


Shannon Rocks!

Ok...I have admired Shannon's work for quite awhile. I only wish we lived close enough to her to have her do some family photos! Anyways...how great are these pics she did for me? I just love what she did. So fun and funkay! Too cute.

Fun picture day!

Lark Rocks!

Man...I am having the best day getting pictures! I love it. Thanks Lark and Sophie!


Amy Butler China!

Just a quick note...because I am supa busy today and should not be surfing the net! Ha. But...I just came across this and how great and idea is Amy Butler Dinnerware??? I love her fabrics so...they just bring a smile to my face. Cannot wait to check out her new line!

Ok...back to work.


since I have not posted in so long

Alrighty...so my life is insane right now. I am working my tail off makin' stuff. This is a good thing. BUT...somehow I still have found time in the past couple days to argue with USPS, The GAP and one of my clothing manufacturers. Ugh. This is not like me...I think my stress level is a little high at the moment ha. Anyways...I have been busy working about oh I don't know 12-14 hours day...everyday...everynight...BUT...in this process I have also been working on new designs and well...FUN! I love doing new shirts. Here is a lil' preview. We even have a something for mom now. I also have done a few new Winter holiday and Christmas shirts...which I will post in the next couple of days...